Tutorial : Making self-correcting exercise with GeoGebra

GeoGebra is most often known as dynamic geometry software, commonly used in middle schools and high schools. However, this free software, available online and in a desktop version, has many more features and its interface includes many parameters that are often overlooked but can be very useful for introducing interactivity into a file.


The aim of this tutorial is to explain how to make a self-correcting exercise: when the student succeeds in a construction or a calculation, a message appears, telling him/her that he/she has succeeded. This allows students to work independently, in class or at home, and to create resources that students can use to review or work again some concepts. 


There are several ways of making an exercise: one is quite simple, using display conditions. The other, more complex, uses a script (JavaScript). I will not explain in this tutorial how to create some objects (geometric objects, text, imput boxes, numbers…): it is therefore necessary to be familiar with these different GeoGebra tools.


You can work with GeoGebra version 5 or 6: there are some differences and working with the online version of GeoGebra Classic will avoid display problems that can occur when uploading an applet.


Steps in this tutorial: